p e r f o r a t i o n s 19

Shadows on the Wall:
The Virtues of the Unreal

guest editors: Steve Guynup and Kyle Carlson

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3D Web Art Expo
David Camp QTVR
Chia Reality
Kyle Carlson HTML
Yantra Images
Nial Connolly HTML
A New Form of Artiste: Multiface Artist
Frederic Fenollabbate VRML
Avatar as Content Delivery Platform
Steve Guynup HTML
Breaking the Real
Steve Guynup HTML
Leper Project
Steve Guynup VRML
Karyn Janowski HTML
Media Arts Museum
You Minowa HTML
Objects in Mirror May be Closer Than They Appear
Mike Mosher HTML
Immersive Ideals / Critical Distances
Joseph Nechvatal HTML
Dynamics of Empty Space
Francis Pedley HTML
On the Integration of Recorded Media and Live Performance
Kimberly A. Pritchard HTML
Out of this World
Kimberly A. Pritchard HTML

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