Perforations, Volume Number 3

Volume 2 Number 3

After the Book:
Writing Literature/Writing Technology


o RICHARD GESS Introduction
o CAROLYN GUYER After the Book?
o JOE AMATO Anthems 4 & 9
o GRACE BRAUN Injection Comics
o ROBERT CHEATHAM Virtual Orphicality: Telepathy, Virtuality, and Encysted Sense Ratios
o JANE DOUGLAS Gaps, Maps, and Perception: What Hypertext Readers (Don't) Do
o RICHARD GESS Intergrams/Colloquy: Two Interactive Prosodies
o FRANCESCO GIOMI The Computational Score
o CAROLYN GUYER After the Book?
o TERRY HARPOLD Grotesque Corpus: Hypertext as Carnival
o MICHAEL JOYCE Hypertext Narrative
o JUDY MALLOY Wasting Time (IBM-compatible narrabase)
o STUART MOULTHROP Dreamtime (Macintosh HyperCard hyperfiction)
Shadow of the Informand: A Rhetorical Experiment in Hypertext
o MARTHA PETRY Hypertext: Permeable Skin
o CHEA PRINCE Du Ranten (Rant II)
o JIM ROSENBERG Poetics and Hypertext
o DEA ANN MARTIN dolls, meat, avila
o MARTIN ROZENBERG Contingency, Liberation, and the Seduction of Geometry:
Hypertext as an Avant-Garde Medium

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